1. sell (almost) everything   2. travel   3. meet you.

Prized Possessions, The Book

Part of us selling almost everything we own before hitting the road, is selecting the precious few things we want to save. Our Prized Possessions. Things with memories and sentimental value. It made us wonder what other people consider their prized possessions and why.

Leah is going to be interviewing people along our route and asking them about their precious items for the Prized Possessions book. Do you want to be included?

We’re asking for submissions. We won’t be able to interview everyone, but we hope to get a well-rounded collection of interviewees. But everyone wins, because what we can’t fit in the book, we’ll try to post here on the blog!

Using the form below, please give us your name, email and a description of the item(s) along with a brief explanation of why they are precious to you. Make sure we have a way to contact you if you are selected. You’ll get a free copy of the book when it is printed (we hope about 6 months after we end our tour).

NOTE -We know that most people consider their family members and photos to be invaluable. We’re looking more for items with stories attached versus your children and the family album or your laptop. Although your family is awesome, we agree. (Ways to support our cross-country trip)