1. sell (almost) everything   2. travel   3. meet you.

about Reboot!

Leah Peterson is a freelance writer who also blogs at She’s finishing a book and looking for micro-sponsors. Follow her on twitter at leahpeah.

Joe Crawford is a freelance web developer who has been blogging at since 2001. Follow him on twitter at artlung

Leah Peterson (Leahpeah) & Joe Crawford (Artlung) – Reboot Tour

THE STORY – We’ve decided to make some radical changes in our lives, which have become heavy with Stuff. We want to slough off our skins and see what’s underneath. (I hope I find a million dollars and a pony. -Leah)

In an effort to Reboot our lives, we are selling nearly everything we own in the next few weeks. It only sounds crazy because it kind of is.

We’ll keep a small storage with photos, important papers and the precious ceramics the kids made us. Honestly, once we started looking at everything, it’s amazing how little we really wanted to keep. Basically, we’re getting rid of everything! Here’s to an unencumbered life. *clink*

We’ll start touring the country this November and end, well, whenever we want to stop. We’ll be documenting all this here, on our blogs, and via twitter.

Part of what made this such a perfect time for us to do this, (Warning! Unfulfilling Teaser Ahoy!) is that the Universe has brought some pretty exciting things for us to do along the way, which are still under wraps. Except for two – 1) Seeing you! And, we really want to see you! 2) The Prized Possessions book all about you and what you consider your most precious belongings. Want to be a part of it? Read all the info here on the Prized Possessions, The Book page. We can’t wait to see you!

Other Fun Stuff!

Help us plan our route! Tell us where you are or a place you like to visit. Leave a comment or email leah {at} leahpeah {dot} com and we’ll try to make it happen. No big formal evenings – just casual get-togethers with friends and food and drinks and photos and embarrassing moments where we make fools of ourselves. You can drop a little gas in the tank if you want, too.