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Prescott, Arizona November, 20 2009

Posted 2009-11-21 by leahpeah, part of the Blog

After a comedy of errors, we got off about 8 hours late on Thursday, crashed in a motel and got up at 4am to drive to Prescott, Arizona. You guys – this was the sunrise over Palm Desert and it made all the pain worth it.


We went the back way to Prescott along some winding roads and tiny towns. It took a little longer, but we liked it.

When we got to my brother’s home, his wife Lori greeted us at the door.


Lori is one of the nicest people I know and her laugh is golden. Lori and Sam are the cutest.


They have their own grocery in their kitchen. Sam used to stock fruit at the store and old habits die hard. I think he does a lovely job.


They took us to Sedona where we just caught the last of the sunlight creeping its way behind the mountain. They sky is so clear and the stars! My lands, the stars.


Apparently, part of visiting Sedona is trying the deep fried pickles at Oak Creek Brewery. They dip spears in batter and fry them like okra.


And? I liked them. I especially like the ranch hugging my teeth in this next photo. I hope you didn’t just lose your lunch….


Sedona is beautiful. I wish we could have been there a little earlier so I could have showed you. But SOMEONE had to take a nap and waste most of the afternoon. The SOMEONE that is me.


Today – Phoenix.

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