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Prized Possessions Interviews

Posted 2009-10-30 by leahpeah, part of the Blog

Holy Cats, Friends! We put out the call, you spread the word and we’ve now got over 30 confirmed interview all around the States and Canada! I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it.

I’m so pleased that people have really pondered the question and are taking it seriously before submitting. Some of the stories are so tender and sweet that they’ve made me weepy. Weepy!

Our ‘practice’ travel week here in Santa Cruz has gone well, if you don’t count the scary carpet with small nuggets of things I’m sure I don’t want to know more about. Also – I packed way too much stuff. I always have a few extra shirts and jackets in case I need them. And then a few more in case the other ones don’t work out. Lesson – pack less and lighter. It’s not really that fun to drag heavy suitcases in and out of motels every day. I’m trying to find the happy balance of wearing everything twice before washing but not smelling like really stale cigarette smoke that seems to be so usual and pungent in cheap motels.

My big issue? And, you’re going to laugh, but please do it quietly where I can’t see you. My big issue is that I am a pillow person. Like, really a pillow person. So, where some people (like JOE) can just have one and they don’t mind that it’s the one that has been sitting on the bed for a thousand heads to touch, I have to bring my own from home. And not just my own, my ownS. Yes, I need a minimum of 5 pillows to sleep at night (although 7 is better, but I’m making due here, people) and my own blanket.

Imagine if you will, the largest duffel bag ever made. Now, insert 5-7 pillows, really scrunching them down. Next, take your jean quilt that you sleep with every night, fold it into 8ths, and cram it down on top, REALLY pushing it in and down or your NEVER going to get that zipper closed. Now, all you have to do is drag it out the door, down two flights of stairs, across the parking lot and shove it into the trunk. Repeat every day for the next 6 months. See what I’m saying? How does one learn to ‘rough it’ as they say? How can I downsize my pillows and blanket?? Because even I admit – this is ridiculous. But, ew. Germs and other people’s sweat and hair and skin dust.

Also – we need a new cooler with a lid that works.

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