1. sell (almost) everything   2. travel   3. meet you.

Reboot 2009/2010 Map – Where are Leah and Joe?

Posted 2009-10-23 by leahpeah, part of the Blog
Leah Peterson (Leahpeah) & Joe Crawford (Artlung) – Reboot Tour

THE STORY – We’ve decided to make some radical changes in our lives, which have become heavy with Stuff. We want to slough off our skins and see what’s underneath. (I hope I find a million dollars and a pony. -Leah) In an effort to Reboot our lives, we are selling nearly everything we own in the next few weeks. It only sounds crazy because it kind of is. Crazy Awesome! For the whole story, click here. We’ll be updating this blog regularly and you can play along!

The markers below indicate cities we’d love to visit. We’ll add dates to the markers as they firm up and we’ll be adding more cities as we go. If you feel moved to host an evening in your city, let us know. We gladly accept gas money via Paypal. See you soon!

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